House rules

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Amendment adopted at the GA on 11/12/2015
To join the association and participate in training and technical training, members must commit to follow the rules of procedure. A copy will be given to each member during registration. The entire regulation is on the association’s website.

Article 1.1: Annual fee

Members must pay the annual subscription fee. Contributions cover the period from 1 September to 31 August.
Classes are not insured during the school holidays. Some can still be maintained.
Payment in installments is possible (it is only a cash facility, we do not substitute for a credit institution) The association can not proceed to the reimbursement of one of its members.

Article 1.2: Registration file

 Members must provide a complete registration package including

  • a medical certificate of less than 3 months explicitly mentioning the aptitude for the practice of Krav-Maga and / or Pancrace according to the discipline (s) concerned,
  • a photography,
  • a completed registration form,
  • an application for a license for the current season for the federation (s) concerned,
  • Parental authorization for minorsArticle
1.3: Dress code and equipment

Adherents must have the appropriate clothing and equipment

For Krav-Maga lessons:

  • a plain or official FEKM white t-shirt, black trousers,
  • a pair of 12oz minimum boxing gloves for men and 10oz for women,
  • a pair of soft shin guards,
  • a protective cover teeth,
  • a genital protection shell and a chest protector for women,
  • a pair of clean shoes with smooth soles exclusively reserved for indoor Krav-Maga practice.

For Pancrace lessons:

  • a t-shirt, combat shorts,
  • a pair of mittens,
  • a pair of soft shin guards,
  • a mouthguard,
  • a genital protection shell and a chest protector for women.
  • on tatami should be followed barefoot.

It is necessary to use sandals outside the tatami. The wearing of glasses is prohibited during exchanges. Only soft contact lenses are allowed.
Any ostentatious signs (political, religious, …) are not accepted within the room during training.

Article 1.4: Moral Code and Charter of Conduct

The adherents must respect the moral code and the charter of conduct of the practiced disciplines (Honesty, Nonaggression, Humility). Failure to respect these can lead to the definitive exclusion of the association.

Article 1.5: Compliance with instructions

Members must behave in a respectful and disciplined manner so as not to disrupt the course and other participants. They must respect silence at the time of salvation and technical explanations. They undertake to respect the instructions given by the teacher in charge during the lessons and to conform to the directives and indications of the leaders of the club.

Article 1.6: Respect for other members

The members must have a verbal and physical behavior respectful towards the other members and the leaders of the club. Failure to comply with this article will result in the definitive exclusion of the association.

Article 1.7: Punctuality

Members must respect the opening and closing hours of the room. Members wishing to train must be present at the beginning of the course in order to benefit from all training including warm-up. A member who is late by a few minutes will have to ask permission to integrate the course with the teacher in charge.

Article 1.8: Use of Premises and Equipment

The premises can only be used in the presence of a head of the association, board of directors or office. The members of the association must submit to the regulations for the use of sports facilities. Members must take care of the equipment, participate in its storage and comply with the instructions for use provided by the teacher responsible. Failure to comply with this article will result in denial of access to the room.

Article 1.9: Cleanliness and hygiene

During the training, the members must have the nails of the hands and feet clean and cut short, the hair tied by an elastic, and not to wear any jewel. The training suit must be clean. An adherent whose hygiene is questionable could be denied access to courses. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the premises of the association. An alcoholic member of the association would be denied access to the facilities.

Article 1.10: Minor Adherents

It is imperative that minors provide parental permission on the day of registration. The presence of one of the two parents will be required on the day of registration.

Article 1.11: Technical Training Courses

Technical training courses are paid for, the price is based on the duration of the course and the costs incurred for it. Payment must be paid on the first day.
If a member reserves a place on the course and cancels within 24 hours of the beginning of the course , the full sum will remain due.

Article 2.1: How the association works

The association “KM2P” is an association(1901 law) registered in the prefecture of Haute-Garonne. It is run by a Board of Directors in accordance with the statutes.
The office is made up of officials appointed or dismissed by the Board of Directors in order to ensure the tasks related to the smooth running of the club. All club officials are volunteers.

Article 2.2: Respect the planning

The association is committed to respecting the start and end times of the course and the opening of the premises to the extent of the availability of the facilities.

Article 2.3: Theft, loss or damage

The association is not responsible for thefts, losses or damage to property in the premises.

Article 2.4: Non-compliance with regulations and guidelines

The association cannot be held responsible for accidents that have occurred as a result of non-compliance with safety regulations and guidelines or by the carelessness of one or more of its members.

Article 2.5: Arbitration of the Different

The Association’s Board of Directors is sovereign in judging the operation and arbiter of the differences that might arise between members or between members and officials. The decisions of the Board of Directors are final.

Article 2.6: Private member data

The association undertakes not to disclose, for commercial purposes, the private data concerning its members.
If their image is to be used for promotional purposes, officials will ask the relevant members for permission.