Course schedule

PLANNING 2020 2021
2021 Planning

Dojo & Gymnase Andromède  – 1 Ferradou way, BLAGNAC

Gymnase CFA  21 Georges Brassens avenue, BLAGNAC

You can try a course all year long, we can loan a basic equipment for that occasion. Please, make an appointment by phone at 06 09 47 84 69

ADULT KRAV MAGA      (from 15 years ols)                     
7 courses possible by a week !

CHILDREN KRAV MAGA ( between 8 and 11 years old)
1 course by week on wednesday  (14h30-15h30, DOJO 1 Andromede)

TEENAGER KRAV MAGA (from12 to 14 years old)
2 courses possible at a week, wednesday (14h30-15h30) plus friday (18h45 DOJO Andromede, from 15 years old)

Clean shoes are required in gymnasium